General Finance

Commercial Equity Group offers the following general finance loans:

Commercial Vehicles

You can rely on Commercial Equity Group as a commercial vehicle finance specialist. We provide you with a fast and simple approach to funding the right commercial vehicle for your business. Our staff has experience in lending to a variety of businesses and know how important vehicle finance is to small business.

Heavy Machinery

We recognise that heavy equipment and earthmoving gear can be more expensive items. The trade off is the income they can generate for a business can be enormous. We are proud to say we have supported this type of industrial finance for over 35 years.

Creditor Payments

Managing creditor payments are one of the biggest hurdles small businesses need to overcome. Commercial Equity Group may be able to ease the burden and provide a financial solution to keep these creditors happy, including the ATO.

Manufacturing Equipment

Commercial Equity Group has supported many a small business to acquire the equipment they need to start. If you are passionate about your business then it is likely Commercial Equity Group will be ready, willing and able to assist.