illion BankStatements is a secure, automated and free service which
allows you to quickly submit bank statements to a broker or loan provider.
It’s designed to simplify and speed up the loan application process.

How does it work?

Your broker or lender will provide you with a secure web link that directs you to a webpage where you
can start the statement submission process. Once you’ve selected your bank, you’ll be able to login to
your online banking through our secure BankStatements portal. Using a read-only process, your bank
statements are retrieved from your account and sent directly to your broker or lender.

• It’s fast and easy – it usually takes less than a minute to complete the process. This means no more
lining up in your bank to get the statements you need
• Your broker or lender receives your statements almost instantly, which means your loan application
gets processed faster
• It’s mobile friendly so you can complete the process on any mobile device or your desktop computer